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About us

The restaurant with an Indian flair

Welcome to the Taj India!

Owner Manu Puri

TAJ INDIA in Bonn has served you a large selection of Indian specialties from the original North Indian cuisine since it opened in 2009.

These delicious dishes are of high quality and are traditionally prepared by our experienced chefs.

In our Taj India Restaurant you are our king as a guest.

Immerse yourself in the Indian taste experience!

We are happy to serve our high-quality dishes to your family, friends or colleagues. Also try out the extensive range of our drinks menu.

The hospitality of us Indians is legendary. In Sanskrit literature there are the three famous words “Athiti Dhevo Bhava” – in German “The guest is your true god”.

Indians feel honored to share a meal with their guests. Even the poorest of the poor are happy about guests and like to share, even the little that they have. Indians are known for their incredible ability to serve food to guests, whether invited or spontaneous.

We are often asked what “Namaste” means. Namaste – pronounced with hands folded in front of the chest – stands for faith and that God can be found in every heart.

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and climate. Each region in India has its own unique dishes and different variations of the most popular dishes. Aromatic spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. The use of special spices such as Coriander, cumin, fenugreek, etc., give Indian dishes their unique taste. The art of cooking is to find the exact mix of different spices for each dish.









Reasons why you get spicy more often

should eat! (even in the heat)

In the warmer, southern countries, people have always enjoyed eating a little hotter. There are not only taste reasons, but also purely practical reasons. Because the sharp connections have an antibacterial effect and prevent the food from spoiling quickly. In addition, chilli and co also have some positive effects on the body: They warm up in cold temperatures and cool down in the heat, can support the body’s fat burning and also make you happy and healthy.

Special request?

at Taj India

Of course, we take into account intolerance or allergies. Contact us.

You can also order all dishes in mild, medium hot, hot or * Desi-style * (Indian hotness), please inform your waiter when ordering.

Our menu

Taj India: With Indian flair

Our menu

Taj India: With Indian flair

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Pick-up service

15% discount on every order

Pick-up service

15% discount on every order


Online contact

Feel free to contact us !

Online contact

Feel free to contact us !

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